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Bespoke Love
by M. Brun
I learned the word “bespoke” today, and it instantly became my favorite word. It has a long vowel that ends in a K sound which sounds wonderful—like “yoke” or “ache”—especially when tumbling from the lips of a girl who from time to time speaks English as it should be spoken....
The Party of a Lifetime
by lauralhm
Every September, I receive a slew of invitations in the mail, from fashion parties to art openings to benefits; the courting ritual now symbolic of fall season in Manhattan. The stationery is thick and grainy; the lettering embossed or engraved. Disappointment often ensues. Since 2005, however, one invitation I eagerly await.
Leaving New York
by Katherine13
I am moving from New York City (by which I mean Manhattan), where I have spent almost all of my life, to London. Indefinitely. And I am INCREDIBLY excited. However, there are some parts of New York that I will really miss.... I’m sure there will be more that I haven’t even realized yet.
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Bespoke Love
M. Brun List Critical 854 5 12-Dec-07
The Party of a Lifetime
lauralhm Document Critical 1284 5 7-Oct-07
The Exquisite Closeness of Old Age
sakurachan Picture Creative 1759 4.86 6-Jun-07
Fondly Recollected Toys and Pastimes
Kate Collins Document Creative 1568 4.82 2-Sep-07
Confessions of a Cradle Robber
Shaden Document Creative 1149 4.8 24-Oct-08
My life now.
Julie Document Creative 1198 4.8 27-Jun-08
Europe 23, America 1 (mottos say it all)
M. Brun Document Creative 1403 4.8 20-Jul-07
Anita Spertus Document Creative 1587 4.8 7-Jun-07
Leaving New York
Katherine13 Document Critical 1392 4.75 15-Sep-07
Shepherd Break
Tintin Picture Critical 1219 4.67 16-Oct-07
Confessions of a Summer Fling
Shaden Document Creative 1234 4.6 16-Oct-07
Confessions of a writer (at 2 am)
Shaden Document Critical 1253 4.6 28-Jun-07
Official List of a Maine Man’s Possessions Upon his Death in 1807
Anita Spertus List Critical 889 4.5 10-Jun-07
Confessions of a retired gossip
Shaden Document Creative 1159 4.5 10-Apr-08
Re: Fondly Recollected Toys and Pastimes
George Sullivan Document Creative 1404 4.5 20-Nov-08
Bodysnatching Nowadays
TheYetter Document Critical 1939 4.5 8-Apr-07
The Best British Ship Names
rj Document Critical 16108 4.5 21-Sep-07
The Brusque Affronts of New Technologies
sakurachan Document Creative 1430 4.17 26-Oct-07
The Needful for a Working Maine Farm 1834
Herb Poole List Critical 832 4 13-Jun-07
Radicle Shoots
Tintin Portfolio Creative 1315 4 9-Nov-07
Everyman Speaks Out
Ben Harris Document Creative 1135 3.8 3-Nov-07
The Merry-Go-Round
John Cavil Picture Creative 1180 3.33 5-Oct-07
Confessions of a Single Cairienne
Shaden Document Critical 1231 0 11-May-09