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  • The author is a scientist, interested in the workings of the brain.

This is an overview of Herb Poole’s material (overall rating: 4.5).

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A Glimpse at Old New York Enterprises
Business Document Creative 1632 4 0 22-Nov-08
Plant/Artist Collaborations
Arts Document Critical 2590 4.83 0 13-Mar-08
A Contrarian in the Garden Out West (Berkeley, CA)
Home Document Creative 2146 4.6 0 15-Sep-07
A Nifty Device
Home Document Creative 1940 4.6 0 8-Sep-07
Arts Document Critical 1858 4.9 0 16-Aug-07
A Contrarian in the Garden
Home Document Creative 2319 4.67 0 7-Aug-07
Re: Re: Do You Have a Second Life?
Technology Document Creative 1420 4 0 6-Jul-07
Hot Tip for Planet Earth Addicts
Science Document Critical 1957 3.8 0 24-Jun-07
The Needful for a Working Maine Farm 1834
Perspectives List Critical 903 4 0 13-Jun-07