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Danger: Triclosan
by CalJack
Triclosan has long been embroiled in controversy: many fear its dual role in eliminating harmless – some even argue helpful – bacteria, creating antibiotic-resistant strains of super-bacteria
A Renaissance Man
by Sara Hartley
I’m intrigued by the self-made character who allows an overriding interest to bloom and shape his life’s work: Paul Cartwright, a man in his 50s, has always been fascinated with physics—tensile strength, compression, the power of an arch, heat transfer, &c—the building blocks of how things work.
by TheYetter
A view of wood as the instrument of wind in these definitions of torque, brittleness, pliancy, and the evidentiary-surreal role of photography.
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A Renaissance Man
Sara Hartley Document Creative 1672 4.88 7-Aug-07
Global Warming - Literally a Slippery Slope
James Eberhart Document Critical 1669 4.64 4-Jun-07
TheYetter Portfolio Creative 1492 4.5 28-May-07
Danger: Triclosan
CalJack Document Critical 1384 4.43 25-Mar-07
Hot Tip for Planet Earth Addicts
Herb Poole Document Critical 1827 3.8 24-Jun-07
Natural gas primer
henry.stern Document Critical 1337 3.6 20-May-07