DemosNews: The Brusque Affronts of New Technologies
The Brusque Affronts of New Technologies
By: sakurachan

It’s well and good to know that good manners require one to send a hand written reply to a wedding invitation rather than the enclosed check-the-yes-or-no-box card. But what of the daily, technology-impelled rudenesses to which everyone turns a blind eye nowadays? Call waiting, for instance—last come, first served—breaks right into your train of thought and the tenor of conversation. Then there’s text messaging, or worse yet cell calls. You’re peacefully walking along with a friend or at table, when you suddenly notice his or her mental absence, gaze averted, engrossed tapping a text reply. At long business meeting these days, I hear that half the eyes regularly stray below table level to Blackberry emails or games. What’s become of old fashioned, look you in the eye presence and attentiveness??.

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October 26, 2007 at 10:28pm
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