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Fruit soups offer their fragrant, bright tang at special seasons. During the height of summer, for a week or two, one thinks Hungarian sour cherry soup. Late autumn, it’s the perfume of quince that makes one salivate. Fresh, unblemished specimens beckon at farmers’ markets right now. Remove the core, leaf nubs, and seeds from a quince. No need to peel if it’s fresh and fine. Chop the quince, half a fennel bulb, a large shallot, and a rib of celery (for depth) into a quarter inch dice. Place the vegetables in a saucepan with 3 cups of rich chicken broth, some sea salt and a little crushed white pepper. Simmer together for about 20 minutes, until soft and fragrant. Fuse the ingredie... See full document!

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Ah Quince!
sakurachan Document Creative 1552 4.8 9-Nov-08
The Rich Succulence of Beets
Kate Collins Document Creative 1377 4.5 2-Nov-08
Swordfish with Rhubarb!
Adrian Visser Document Creative 1354 4 24-Jun-08
Rhubarb (and Strawberry) Pie
Miss Isabel Document Creative 1227 4.5 25-May-08
Kumquats, the Naturally Tangy Orange Drops
sakurachan Document Creative 1527 4 22-Apr-08
Oranges, the Winter Tomato
Kate Collins Document Creative 1485 4.67 22-Feb-08
Cajun Sausage Kebabs
J. Klein Document Creative 1236 4.8 17-Feb-08
Bibbity Bobbity Boo
Adrian Visser Document Creative 1302 4 19-Jan-08
Quick Watercress Eggdrop Soup
Kate Collins Document Creative 1609 4 19-Dec-07
Roast Pear Glazed with Balsamic Vinegar
Anita Spertus Document Creative 29243 4.78 2-Nov-07
Nana’s Cherry Pie
Miss Isabel Document Creative 1353 4 31-Oct-07
Quick Filets with Balsamic Onion Glaze
J. Klein Document Creative 1268 4.67 31-Oct-07
Pa Kasim Document Creative 1123 4.33 27-Oct-07
Jackie’s Balsamic Vinaigrette
Miss Isabel Document Creative 1605 4 25-Oct-07
Emma’s Grapefruit Sections Primer
Miss Isabel Document Creative 1294 4.33 25-Oct-07
Annie’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
Miss Isabel Document Creative 1336 4.78 25-Oct-07
Nana’s Pumpkin Pie
Miss Isabel Document Creative 1515 4.33 25-Oct-07
Mussels in Rich Tomato Sauce, Canberra Australia
John Maxwell Document Creative 1303 4.67 12-Oct-07
Korean Carrots “Namuru”
nancy.yoshimoto Document Creative 1390 4.43 12-Oct-07
Japanese Spinach “Goma Ae” (mixed with sesame)
nancy.yoshimoto Document Creative 1265 4.4 12-Oct-07
Marcus’ Marvelous Apple Crisps
Anita Spertus Document Creative 1671 4.25 4-Oct-07
Mussel Roast on a Rocky Seacoast
Anita Spertus Document Creative 2055 4.92 30-Sep-07
Sauce for unripe found or stolen apples/pears
djamainten Document Creative 1200 4.6 18-Sep-07
Daging Balado
Anita Spertus Document Creative 2552 4.6 31-Aug-07
sambal goréng tempe kering from Sunda, West Java
djamainten Document Creative 2085 4.71 26-Aug-07

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