DemosNews: Sauce for unripe found or stolen apples/pears
Sauce for unripe found or stolen apples/pears
By: djamainten

Dear Demosthenisians,

How flattered to have the club’s approval for the simple, but utterly liked (by myself that is) recipe of Sambal Goréng Tempe Kering! Here’s another one, even more simple.

Rujak Sauce

1. Cut hard, even unripe apples/pears to pieces size of an old-fashioned dollar, maybe a bit thicker. Cucumber might do as well. Also other kinds of fruit you may consider fitting. Experimentum docet!

2. Mix sambal ulek with tamarind sauce, a wee bit of roasted terasi (condiment made of small shrimps and fish; during World War II according to James Clavell in SEAsia also possible to have it made from cockroaches and very tasty as well next to being great supplier of vitamins etc.), brown sugar in generous quantities, perhaps a pinch of salt.

3. Add some water, and stir to a honeylike thick substance.

4. Take your preferred book in one hand and eat with other hand, dipping each chunk in sauce while reading. It is heaven. Your front will be covered with sauce as you enjoy. More fun.

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September 18, 2007 at 3:45am
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