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While visiting my sister in North Carolina, I had inquired about the dedicated groups of local fishermen. It seems that along this stretch of rolling Atlantic whitecaps, there is a booming affinity for recreational fishing. The cooler October climate does little to deter the everyday casting from either Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier or the sandy beaches themselves. On Emerald Isle, a length of beach that runs along the Intercoastal Waterway, Bogue’s is known as the local’s favorite fishing dock. Within minutes of arriving, a school of Bluefish passes underneath signaled by diving flocks of seagulls overhead. Fishermen immediately drop down hooks and sinkers into the rippling water, pull up and release their catch onto the knotty, sun-bleached slats of wood. Their lines are a blur, flying back over the rail and into the water as to not miss the next opportunity. This fortuitous blitz yielded an average of four Blues each. Add to that the range of fish caught earlier in the day, now being hel... See full document!

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Casting off Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier, North Carolina
m.e.engels Document Critical 1334 0 20-Jul-09
Got Beef?
ldklein Document Creative 907 4.33 16-Apr-08
Bollywood or Bust
ldklein Document Critical 1171 4.5 15-Apr-08
A Moment in the New Delhi Twilight Zone
ldklein Document Critical 1169 4.8 14-Apr-08
Back in the Saddle and recollections of Divali in Dilli
NCW Document Creative 1056 4.5 12-Dec-07
The Poster Men
NCW Video Creative 1160 4.33 3-Nov-07
Gupta’s Prayer Room Revealed
NCW Video Creative 1443 4.78 3-Nov-07
An initial note on food
NCW List Creative 562 4.67 1-Nov-07
Divali Preparations
NCW Portfolio Creative 1052 4 1-Nov-07
A Lot of Traffic on Poster Street
NCW Document Creative 941 3.75 28-Oct-07
The FRRO and the RamaKrishna Puram Small Market
NCW Document Creative 1308 5 26-Oct-07
Gupta’s Prayer Room
NCW Document Creative 1295 5 24-Oct-07
the beginnings of
NCW Document Creative 973 4.5 21-Oct-07
Sundar Nagar continued
NCW Document Creative 1006 4.33 19-Oct-07
Sundar Nagar....and Roquefort
NCW Document Creative 1027 4.8 17-Oct-07
Caught Red Handed
sakurachan Document Creative 1113 4 4-Oct-07
Measuring Airport Security
TheYetter Document Critical 1254 4.86 13-Sep-07
Slow Travel
Anita Spertus Document Creative 1215 5 3-Sep-07
Red Tape
sakurachan Document Creative 1303 4.75 8-Aug-07
The Grand Canyon
m.e.engels Document Creative 1080 3.57 29-Jul-07
Grand Canyon
m.e.engels Portfolio Creative 1335 4.63 29-Jul-07
The Tale of the Ascent of Mt. Potosi (Part II)
Guille de Soho Document Critical 1571 4.88 27-Jul-07
Scaling Potosi - Shot
Guille de Soho Portfolio Creative 1278 5 23-Jul-07
The Tale of the Ascent of Mt. Potosi (Part I)
Guille de Soho Document Creative 2554 5 23-Jul-07
On the summit of Mt. Potosi, Bolivia (19,974ft)
Guille de Soho Video Creative 1904 5 27-May-07

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