DemosNews: An initial note on food
An initial note on food

I am in love with Indian food. Aside from the staples that eveyone loves in indian restaurants (saag, dal, anything cooked "tikka" or "palak," dosas, etc.) Here are my top five staples so far:

  1. Kesar Elaichi
    sweet safron and cardamon ice cream in a cup or cone.
  2. Khanvi
    little rolls that look like eclairs but are savory, not sweet. They are cilantro, shredded onion, raisins and spices rolled in a wet bread thats kind of like omelet material but a tad masala spicey and cool in temperature...sooo good. leaves your mouth refreshed not hurt from the spice.
  3. Rabri
    This is common in Indian restaurants for dessert in the US but is one of those things that is just better here. You buy it by weight in pastry shops. It is shredded coconut pudding with pistachios, milk, sweet stuff and delicious spices.
  4. Some Rajasthani
    Rajasthan is a closeby state where Darjeeling Limited took place... snack that i can't remember the name of. This was amazing and I am on the look out for where to buy it again. It is a trail mix that is very crunchy. I learned from some english-speaking on-lookers (after making quite a scene at the stand) that the main ingredient is dried, smashed chick peas. There are all sorts of spices, shredded onion and cilantro and lime and something like corn nuts in there too. It packs a punch on spice but is insanely addictive. It came in a rolled up magazine page.
  5. Paneer in general
    Paneer is light fluffy indian cheese that is very similar to tofu in consistency but tastes like something milder than whipped cream cheese. This is prepared in a thousand different ways and is soooo good. Marinated and BBQed in a tandoori with onions and green peppers is my favorite. that is very common at streetside vendors.

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November 1, 2007 at 1:52pm
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