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On the plane, the seat-back monitorís topographical map of the flight course depicted the Kashmir Valley as a green, oval-shaped hole in the middle of white mountain graphics. As the captain announced our descent into Srinagar, The Himalaya were in view on the planeís right. When I say they were on the planeís right I mean that looking down I could see where the mosaic of snow-covered rice paddies ramped up to snowcapped, awesomely pointy peaks. But that is looking down. Looking out, level with the plane at ~25,000 feet, Nun Kun, one of the world's tallest mountains perched prominently over other giants above the clouds in the distance. At the planeís left, the same rice paddy fiel... See full document!

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NCW Document Creative 1366 5 28-Mar-08
Om Namah Shivaya
NCW Document Critical 1259 4 28-Mar-08
Art Nouveau Window - Prague Cathedral
heartsutra Picture Creative 1178 4 7-Dec-07
Cranes of Berlin, as seen from a bus
heartsutra Picture Creative 1164 5 6-Dec-07
Wild Chase
lauralhm Picture Critical 1331 4.8 16-Oct-07
lauralhm Picture Critical 1268 4.75 4-Oct-07
Reindeer at Sunset on Baltic Sea
lauralhm Picture Critical 1331 3.33 4-Oct-07
Ice Break
lauralhm Picture Critical 1158 3.25 4-Oct-07
Baltic Sea, Finland
lauralhm Picture Critical 1207 3.67 4-Oct-07
ScrappyPat Portfolio Critical 1301 2.67 6-Jul-07
Dried Alpacas and Foxes from Witches
Guille de Soho Picture Critical 1376 3.67 26-May-07
Perito Moreno
Guille de Soho Picture Creative 1394 4.2 21-Apr-07
Machu Picchu Assembly
Guille de Soho Portfolio Critical 1251 3.4 20-Apr-07
Snakes on a Plain
Mario Mamani Video Creative 1241 2.33 27-Mar-07
The Train Cemetery of Uyuni, Bolivia
Guille de Soho Picture Creative 1435 4.75 23-Feb-07
Green Light
Guille de Soho Picture Creative 1983 4.86 19-Feb-07
Alpaca fetus
Guille de Soho Picture Critical 1934 3.5 19-Feb-07
Cambodian Sunset
Raphael Picture Critical 1362 2.5 19-Feb-07
Central Market, Phnom Penh
Raphael Picture Critical 1443 3 16-Feb-07