DemosNews: A Lot of Traffic on Poster Street
A Lot of Traffic on Poster Street

The Bazaars of Old Delhi are perhaps the most bustling, chaotic, interesting markets I have ever seen in the world. Every type of thing is available at these markets. The other day, I got completely lost in the area for electronics and just wandered around for an hour unable to find anything other than kiosks with specific electronics items. For example, one shop sold only LED light bulbs. Millions and millions of LED light bulbs. All types, sizes, colors, shapes, etc. But only LEDs. Nothing else. For example, if you want an LED light power source, or switchboard to attach your LEDs to, you have to go way down the street past the other LED stores to the LED power source and switchboard stores.

Today I headed to the train station to investigate a ticket for next week, but got completely distracted on the way through a market that sells books. Books indoors and posters outdoors. This video is of the main street through book/poster market. Every little alleyway off this streets has many more stores selling books and posters.

The big stacks you see at the side of the road are posters. Also, I should note that Old Delhi’s main bazaar (this is one area of the main bazaar) is closed on Sundays. you will notice that 3 out fo 4 shops are closed, with their metal grates pulled shut. Tomorrow i am going to go check this place out when it is “open” how crowded can one street get? Also on my mind: how many posters can one person, one city, one country truly feel the need for?

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October 28, 2007 at 6:02am
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