DemosNews: Guille de Soho
About Guille de Soho

  • The author lives in Buenos Aires and is an avid football fan (particularly of River Plate).
  • The author has voyaged through Bolivia and Peru for many months. He also has voyaged through his native Argentina.

This is an overview of Guille de Soho’s material (overall rating: 4.16).

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The Tale of the Ascent of Mt. Potosi (Part II)
Away Document Critical 1945 4.88 0 27-Jul-07
Scaling Potosi - Shot
Away Portfolio Creative 1625 5 0 23-Jul-07
The Tale of the Ascent of Mt. Potosi (Part I)
Away Document Creative 2947 5 0 23-Jul-07
On the summit of Mt. Potosi, Bolivia (19,974ft)
Away Video Creative 2329 5 0 27-May-07
Dried Alpacas and Foxes from Witches
Away Picture Critical 1499 3.67 0 26-May-07
Denizens of a Bolivian Rainforest
Away List Critical 922 4.5 0 26-May-07
Perito Moreno
Away Picture Creative 1520 4.2 0 21-Apr-07
Machu Picchu Assembly
Away Portfolio Critical 1393 3.4 0 20-Apr-07
Madrid & Barcelona
Sports Document Critical 1544 1 0 28-Mar-07
The Train Cemetery of Uyuni, Bolivia
Away Picture Creative 1585 4.75 0 23-Feb-07
Litchi Nuts
Food Picture Critical 1488 2.25 0 19-Feb-07
Green Light
Away Picture Creative 2149 4.86 0 19-Feb-07
Alpaca fetus
Away Picture Critical 2094 3.5 2 19-Feb-07