DemosNews: Turning into everybody -- For Gordon # 2
Turning into everybody -- For Gordon # 2
By: Robert David Cohen

I was helping you die.

I said
You池e pure now,
Empty, made of stars.

You said
I知 looking for
My eye,
I知 looking for my breast,
My favorite leg.

You said
I知 looking for
The dancing princess,
My stolen wife.

I was helping you out of your skin
Out of your pain
Handing you over to the light.

You said
Tomorrow I値l know my mother痴 secrets
I値l gamble with giants
I値l meet my poems,
Dark holes of fury and sweetness.

I said
You stopped wars
You cleaned the earth
You freed trapped miners.

You were always pregnant
I said
You were always dreaming
You were always desperate
You healed our wounds
God knows what held you together.

I said
You are droplets, you are gold-dust
You are an egg now,
Ready with wings and bells.

You said
I知 floating over jeweled barricades

I知 turning into everybody,

-- Robert David Cohen
Panama, 25 March 2006

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July 28, 2007 at 11:32pm
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