DemosNews: Denizens of a Bolivian Rainforest
Denizens of a Bolivian Rainforest
By: Guille de Soho
The incomparable capibara

  • The incomparable capibara
    An enormous marriage of rat, dog, and pig--something you can't even fathom (unless you've seen the Princess Bride)
  • The pink dolphin
    Actually purple, but when you bump up against it swimming in the muddy Amazonian tributaries why get picky with hues
  • The cane-liquored Quechua
    The indiginous people have a bit of an issue with moonshine, often consumed, often with unfiltered coca cigarettes
  • The jaundiced monkey
    What one might imagine a Quechua in a Kafka vignette to be like--if one were in a malaria-induced hallucination, as happens up there
  • The toothy cayman
    Kin to crocs, ally of allies, and, luckily for muddy-water swimmers, completely afraid of the aforementioned dolphin (sweet guardian!)
  • The old tucan
    Just hanging out in a rainbow of colors.
  • The humped cow
    Stunning if seen for the first time, it's a bovine camel. Normally the hump itself is floppy and leans langurously... which is true for the rest of the body as well
  • The gap-year Israeli
    Normally travelling in bands, directly after military service, to the tune of Bob Marley and the lifestyle he celebrates

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The author has voyaged through Bolivia and Peru for many months. He also has voyaged through his native Argentina.

May 26, 2007 at 12:42am
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Genre: Away (Tales)
Type: Critical
Tags: marvelous, creatures

sakurachan   your aside (sweet guardian!) is absolutely shakespearean....
Raphael   This sounds like a litany from the Just So stories.......
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