DemosNews: Terrible things I do to you
Terrible things I do to you
By: Robert David Cohen

I put you in Iraq

Liquid mercury quivering

In your red palm

I pick you up with tweezers

Drop you in a beehive

I put you on the toilet

I steal away with your hearing

I give you back to your father the suicide

I crawl into your marsupial pouch

Eat the best parts of you

Chase you like a shadow through the burning city

I undress you a thousand years beyond naked

I bring your bones with me to work

I tattoo my secret name

On your breath

I order you inside my body

Make you look at what's left of yourself

From my left eye

© 2024 Robert David Cohen of DemosNews

April 10, 2008 at 10:08pm
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Genre: Arts (Poetry)
Type: Creative
Tags: marsupial, Iraq, mercury, toilet, burning

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