DemosNews: Cropped Sleeves
Cropped Sleeves
By: sakurachan

Fashion focuses on different parts of the body. For a season or two it was a bare midriff. Heaven help you if you didnít have a taut virginal belly, either because you were still a sweet young thing, or you worked out like mad in a gym. This fall it seems to be the forearm. A nice, full, three quarter length sleeve gathers gracefully just below the elbow. Jackets are cropped short sleeve too. When the weather turns chill, a slender cashmere sweater might extend underneath to the wrist. Or one might wear long gloves as they did in the fifties with a little fur wrap (and the requisite hat. I do wish hats would return to fashion. They added such a lovely line to the head and neck.)

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August 18, 2007 at 3:20pm
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Katherine13   yes, fashion often highlights different body parts. but it i...
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