DemosNews: Two Bright Spots Among Frankfort’s Anonymous Towers
Two Bright Spots Among Frankfort’s Anonymous Towers
By: sakurachan
Breakfast at the Hessischer Hof Hotel   See Full Picture

Face it: Germany's financial downtown isn’t a looker. But here’s a place to stay with personality, as well as an obscure destination for mouth watering Japanese food.

  • Hessischer Hof Hotel (Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 40, tel +49 69 7540-0)
    An old princely house converted to hotel. Small, personal, and (anachronistically) fitted with free wireless in the rooms. Breakfast alone is worth the stay.
  • Iwase (Vibeler Strasse 31, tel 069-28 39 92)
    Tiny place, nil ambiance (formica tables), perfect authentic food: broiled yellowtail chin, spiced roe atop shaved radish, whole baby cabbage flash-cooked in hot oil so that it wriggled like a live sea creature when presented… You pick from the ubiquitous pages of posed food photos. Sushi divine. Cold sake (“Wandering Poet”) served in the traditional manner using overflowing wooden boxes as cups.

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April 10, 2008 at 7:45am
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