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wonderful programs at the flick of a finger
By: sakurachan

  • world news in Latin
    weekly review of world news in classical Latin broadcast internationally by the Finnish broadcasting company
  • My Word
    the consummate etymological, punning, witty word delight with an immense world following. broadcast by the BBC for 10 years (and relayed to America by National Public Radio.) now available again podcast weekly by Radio Australia. four contestants match brains with hilarious erudition on meanings of obscure and preposterous words, words of commonality, literary phrases and, best of all, the impromptu spinning of lengthy and outrageous tales explaining the derivations of well known sayings or phrases such as “no one knows the trouble I’ve known”, or “a rolling stone gathers no moss.”
  • van Donnersmarck re: Lives of Others
    a fascinating interview
  • Bill Moyers’ "Buying the War”
    the power of the press. every citizen should see it.
  • the night sky in stunning detail
    you can customize the sky above your locale, zoom in on myriad objects in space, or access pictures from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey which records one-fourth of visible space. free

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June 2, 2007 at 0:13pm
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