DemosNews: Favorite Cheeses in the New York Markets
Favorite Cheeses in the New York Markets
By: Anita Spertus
Serra da Estrela

When shopping for cheese, be sure to choose a vendor with heavy turnover. No matter how exquisite the shopkeeper’s culinary taste, many cheeses don’t keep. A little mold can be scraped away, but if a ripening cheese has passed its bloom or a delicate goat cheese torta soured, they are ruined.

  • Azeitao
    melting Portuguese cheese curdled with thistle rather than rennet, piney and buttery
  • Boerenkaas
    nutty, very aged gouda
  • Brebiou
    soft sheep
  • Brie de Meaux
    mushroomy, rich full flavor
  • Bulgarian kashkavir (or cashkaval)
    grainy, rich flavored, great w/ middle eastern salads
  • Burrata
    Italian mozzarella filled w/ heavy cream, bound into a fat pyramid by long fresh green leaves (must be v fresh and held by the vender in water)
  • Cashel Blue
  • Délice de Pommard
    Bourgogne triple cream rolled in marinated mustard seeds
  • Edel de Clairon
    French soft ripened
  • Etorki
    nutty sheep from Pyrenees
  • Fontina d’Aosta: Fontinadaosta CW
    richly flavored fontina from a special estate
  • Pepato
    unusual sheep’s milk from Sicily, v. rich w/ saffron and black peppercorns
  • Sottocenere al Tartufo
    incredibly fragrant, tasty Italian w/black truffles. I now know the secret that makes this extra wonderful: among the ashes in which the cheese is rolled for preservation are bits of nutmeg, clove, coriander, cinnamon, licorice and fennel seed.
  • Serra da Estrela
    Portuguese ewe’s milk cheese curdled by thistles rather than rennet. fragrant, grassy, v fresh
  • Victor’s Armenian String-Cheese
    braided Armenian with black nigela seeds, to be unknotted and tweezed into long thin strands. the real McCoy, not the plastic extruded stuff sold in supermarkets. great as finger food with olives

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